Blog to books: follow your passion

This isn’t the first time I’ve referred to a piece from Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, who posted a podcast and article called “Blog to Book to Business: How to Live Your Dream,” an interview he had with author Jeff Goins.

The highlights for me were:

1. Jeff wrote 100 articles on 100 websites before he wrote his first blog for his website. He built a following of 13,000 readers before he ever posted in his own blog.

2. He built an email list, and 12 months later asked his readers to purchase a $1.99 ebook he had written on writing.

3. He moved from an ebook to a more robust traditional book; from being self-published to receiving a deal from a publisher.

4. Jeff recommended a web-based design platform called Canva as a great tool. It was the first I’d heard of it and will research it more completely. We all like inexpensive tools when they work well.

Lastly, the advice we all need to hear over and over: Start now, persevere, and follow your passion!

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